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CNC Turning, Milling & Sub Assembly of Turbocharger Turbine Housings

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Turbocharger Turbine Housings

Here at Smoky Mountain Machining, Inc. we produce a wide variety of standard, wastegate, and variable geometry type turbocharger turbine housings for on and off road diesel engine applications. With the experience that comes from manufacturing over 150 different part numbers, our machining team is capable of executing complex turning and milling operations, including bore profiling, V-band formation, and trepanning, to create the eccentric geometries required for these parts. These turbine housings are manufactured from difficult-to machine, heat resistant materials to within ±001" tolerances, then laser marked, assembled, and quality checked in accordance with ISO:9000 and TS16949.

Able to machine parts 4-10 inches long with 6-15 inch diameters, we handle both low volume orders at 500 parts per year all the way up to high volume production of up to 30,000 parts annually. To learn more about our turbocharger turbine housings, read below, or contact us today to learn how we can help you with your application.

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CNC Turning, Milling & Sub Assembly Project Highlights

Product Name Turbocharger Turbine Housing
Product Description Turbine Housings for turbochargers primarily used in diesel engine applications
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Sub Assembly
Tightest Tolerance ±001"
Material Type Cast Iron
Product Length 4 inches to 10 inches
Product Width Diameters range from 6 inches to 15 inches all with eccentric geometry
Secondary Operations Applied Sub Assembly
Laser Marking
Industry for Use On and off road diesel engine applications
Standards Met Customer Supplied Prints, ISO9000 and TS16949
Volume Ranges from 500 pieces per year to 30,000 pieces per year
Delivery Time 6-8 weeks after PO then we run to an EDI schedule
Delivery Location USA and Brazil

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